Wheelie-Ezy Bin Towing Attachments

Tired of trying to load the back of your ute up with heavy bins?

Tired of dragging your bins down and back up your driveway?

Tired of trying to attach your bins to your tow bar, quad bike or tractor?

Well We Have Solution For You!!

Made and manufactured in Adelaide and shipping Australia wide (including Tasmania) by a metal fabrication team. We are Australia’s number 1 choice for wheelie bin attachments. Not only do we cater for 1 bin with our single Wheelie-Ezy bin attachment, but we also have available the Double Wheelie-Ezy that can take out 2 bins at once! (And YES! Our double attachment does cater to 2 different bin sizes at once).  

Check The Wheelie-Ezy Out In Action!

How It Works

Wheelie-Ezy is one of the simplest and easy to use wheelie bin towing devices on the market.  There are no tools required you simply hook-up your rubbish bin and slip the Wheelie-Ezy over your tow bar and off you go. We hear day in day out “why not throw it on the back of the ute” or “just attach it to your tow bar” or “how lazy are people today”. Keep in mind this is perfect for those that have driveways in rural areas or farms. Driveways that are 50metres to 1km long. Or for people that don’t want to damage their cars or throw out their shoulders in the process. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Step 1:

Take the Wheelie-Ezy bin towing attachment and attach it into the bin handles. For single attachments simply scoop it under than handles. For double attachments it is best to connect the larger bin first, tilt it over and connect the smaller bin. Make sure it is firm and connected.

Step 2:

Tilt the rubbish bins and attach the Wheelie-Ezy onto the tow-bar of your vehicle of choice. Make sure firmly connected to both the bins and the tow-bar prior to driving off.

Step 3:

Drive the rubbish bins to the end of your driveway and disconnect from car and the Wheelie-Ezy attachment.

Step 4:

Don’t forget! No driving off until you have removed your bins at the end of your driveway. Things could get awkward..

Available from $45 with $20 delivery. Specially designed bin towing attachments perfect for long driveways, regional areas and those that don’t want to chuck it on the back of the ute or tow-bar!

Available from $80 with $20 delivery. Our double bin towing attachment has the ability to take out two rubbish bins at once including same size and 2 bins at different sizes eg large & small.

Available from $115 with $20 delivery. Our single and double Wheelie-Ezy bin towing attaching is a package deal that our customers have been screaming out for. Chose to take out 1 bin, or 2.

Wheelie-Ezy attachments are available for delivery Australia wide (including Tasmania – if you are ordering from New Zealand please call us direct to organise shipping)

Please check your bin handle configuration is the same as the bins in our pictures, not all bins are the same and our bracket may not work for you. If you do have any questions – please call us on (08) 8358 5101

Fits 50mm Standard TowBar

25km/h Speed Limit